November 14, 2016 / by attila / In news

New Horizons

We are very proud to announce that our consortium successfully got granted from the Horizon 2020 program. It is a huge thing for MMOS, as it gives us the possibility to further develop and enhance our platform, our services, realize interesting new projects and keep on doing citizen science. Here you can read our official press release:

Press release

GAPARS consortium led by MMOS ranked first in a call on gamification of the European Commission

The European Commission has decided to develop the European economy of the serious games industry and of gamification i.e. the application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts. To do so, a specific call in the frame of the Horizon 2020 program has been launched at the end of last year. The results have been announced recently.

Among 12 granted projects, the European Commission has given the maximum possible points to GAPARS, a consortium led by the Swiss startup MMOS Sàrl, which thus becomes one of the very few Swiss companies coordinating a European H2020 project. The GAPARS consortium unites 8 highly reputed European universities, companies, and public institutions:

MMOS made its name recently with the success of Project Discovery, a collaboration with the Icelandic game developer company CCP and the Swedish research project, the Human Protein Atlas. With Project Discovery, tens of thousands of gamers of the massively multiplayer online game EVE Online have classified more than 17 million microscopy images, while being immersed in their favourite video game, making this project a major achievement in citizen science.

With this decision, the European Commission endorses the strategy of the consortium, which consists in leveraging the existing video game industry and its related technologies to develop non-leisure activities. The tools and the platform developed by the partners will contribute to a massive increase in the number of participants and gamified contributive projects, a key component for the development of a sustainable industry.