March 28, 2016 / by attila / In news

What did the Easter Bunny bring us

Sweet numbers… of course

But not only numbers. Finally we can say with confidence that Project Discovery became performant and reliable after eliminating all the bottlenecks. It was a pretty stressful period, but I have to say that I was grateful that both CCP and the player community was very patient regarding the performance hiccups - sometimes hiccups that lasted for hours. Hopefully we are over with that for good.

But let’s get to the fun stuff. I have a confession to make. I deliberately waited an extra hour for creating a database snapshot. The reason was that I could happily announce: we have passed the 4.5 million classification milestone. To be exact, we registered 4.500.755 classifications since Project Discovery was launched. A mind-blowing number.

Almost 44 thousand capsuleers have given a try to project discovery and at least completed the tutorial and started the training phase. And 24 thousand of you have completed the training phase and dived into the sea of immunofluorescent subcellular images.

The result of your efforts is 183.165 samples reaching consensus!

Happy Easter everyone! You surely made ours very happy.

Thanks to Trish Hamme for sharing the image under Creative Commons.