January 22, 2016 / by attila / In news , projects

Project Discovery launched on SiSi

How to start better the year 2016, than giving a test-drive to Project Discovery. Well, from today Project Discovery is up and running on the publicly available Singularity test server of EVE Online. With the new EVE launcher switching to the test servers are super easy.


The project got a nice microsite, where we’ll keep updating the information about Project Discovery. Also you can read more on it in the article of CCP Scarpia on the devblog and also check out the first reactions on Reddit.

A huge thanks to everyone for all the support and enthusiasm - all the capsuleers we met at Fanfest, Vegas or online. To all the people in the scientific community and the gaming industry for their encouraging words and support. And of course to all, who helped this project come true at the Human Protein Atlas, at CCP and the Reykjavik University.

The test period is very important, as we want to make sure that by the time it gets to Tranquility, the project will not only provide valuable results to the Human Protein Atlas, but also gives you a great gaming experience. So please keep the feedback flowing.