November 15, 2016 / by attila / In news


Ascension is here. We are living very exciting times - it is the biggest change in the 13 years of EVE Online. We can’t wait to see how it works out, and hope that it will boost Project Discovery also.

But before the new era begins, let us share with you the results of Project Discovery. First of all, let’s start - as always - with this the number of classifications. We welcome new players with

17.629.806 classifications

registered in the MMOS database. Thank you all omega clones for the great work.

Daily classifications

Player score distribution on non-training images at the time of submission

Training images score distribution

This chart shows the actual scores given to classifications submitted to training tasks.

Training images score distribution - players with an accuracy score above 0.5

These are the players, who can potentially contribute to the research project.

New players (daily and cumulated figures)

Since launch 164.783 players have tried project discovery. Note that this is actually capsuleer count, as we don't see multiple character accounts our side.

Daily unique players

This shows how many players are active on a given day. This graph takes into account contributions, where the accuracy score of the player is higher than 0.5 at the time of the submission of the classification.

Player deciles by activity

Time well spent

And finally let's see the time spent on classifying proteins. This is always very impressive. We maximized the time taken into account in 2 minutes per classification. With all this we calculated an amazing 7,009,055 minutes, which adds up to 13.3 years (~56 work years) of net classification time! Thank you for all this energy put into Project Discovery. Finally let's see the average seconds/classification ratio.