March 21, 2015 / by attila / In events , news

EVE Fanfest 2015

EVE Fanfest is the biggest annual player reunion of EVE Online. This time of year thousands of players gather in Reykjavik for a three day of presentations, round-table talks, the infamous pub-crawl and to generally meet each other in person and enjoy Iceland. The main venue is Harpa, the conference and concert hall of Reykjavik.

This year the opening presentations featured two amazing videos: the This is Eve trailer - during which all the corps and alliances involved cheered loudly, and the pre-alpha footage of the EVE Valyrie. Ascending down into a first-person viewpoint in a spaceship in a fleet was a breathtaking experience.

The second day with CCP Scarpia we presented the cooperation between CCP and MMOS:

By the end of the presentation we realized that the hall was almost full - which was really nice to see as in the same time a lot of very interesting presentations were going on in Harpa. We showed the players a working implementation of an out of game prototype that we implemented with students from the CADIA of Reykjavik University at the roundtable talk that followed after. The reception of the idea from players were very supportive.

EVE Fanfest was three days packed with interesting presentations. And I think everybody loved the motto for this year from Hilmar:

“Less Hype, More Substance”



Some articles were published on the Fanfest presentation: